By now you must be thinking to yourself…. how did I end up reading stuff about DNA? I thought this was a branding company, or do they double up as “scientists” too? …. what an odd title for a first post…..etc, etc.

Relax! You are in the right place. The aim of this post is to give you a clear understanding of our genetic composition at Inner Space Africa; in short, you are about to find out what makes us stand out from the rest of the crowd…. (and this doesn’t necessary mean we are tall).

Our Mission:

We discovered a long time ago that if we want to get stuff done, we could either do it ourselves and get donkey-tired, or find a way of showing others how to do what we are doing so that we can have room to do a lot more…. we found out that in the long run, when we involved others in the stuff we were doing, we achieved more together. Our mission since then has been Local Capacity building for a highly productive society.

Our Vision:

A very intelligent man once said that "communication is listening to what is not being said" how right he was! In our line of business, we have discovered that a lot of organizations miss out on their target audience simply because of the way they present their message. When we understood this bit, we made it our vision to ensure that all our clients learn how to communicate complex ideas in a very simple way.

Our Promise:

Never make a promise, unless you fully intend to keep it. Well, our promise is very simple and that’s why we can afford to make it…. We promise to empower you to achieve beyond your expectations. This is a promise we have enjoyed keeping to our clients, not only because it is easy to keep, but also because it gives us great satisfaction to watch the pleasantly surprised looks on our clients’ faces whenever we deliver our services to them.

Our Slogan:

Every single day we open our offices we know one thing for sure, that no matter what happens, we have to make ideas work! Our team will do back-flips if need be in order to ensure that we generate ideas that will ensure we deliver our promise to our esteemed clients.

 Our Core Values:

Robert Bundy once said: “if there are no common values, there can be no image of the future”… What wise words these were then and still are today! At Inner Space Africa we are government by many values, but the following Eight (8) are more predominant:

  • Integrity
  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Excellence
  • High Quality of Services
  • High Levels of Customer Service
  • Adherence to Deadlines and Deliverables
  • Contribution to Career Growth

In a nutshell, our DNA is comprised of all the above mentioned molecules. All combined together, they make a unique entity that is formerly known as Inner Space Africa Co. Ltd