Team Building

“Why engage in team building activities, and in the process spend a lot of money and waste time from the office?”, one manager asked, after being told that the company was planning for a one day team-building event for their branch office. Like this manager, there are many people who do not know the importance of team building.

Team-building is an important and integral part of managing efficient and highly productive teams over long periods of time. Healthy and top-functioning teams are the cornerstone of almost every successful business and organization. Engage your team in fun and creative team-building activities to enhance their trust, communication and performance. By investing a little time and money into teamwork activities, your team will outshine other teams who have not had the benefit of building bonds together…. It is as simple as that.

At Inner Space Africa, we specialize in high quality corporate team building events. With our friendly, experienced and professional events team, you can be sure that we are going to be hosting a productive and effective team focused day, whose aim is to achieve:

Common Goal: Team-building activities help people understand the importance of working together. A company is more productive when everyone works together for a common goal, without factions or other divisive elements.

Trust/Agreement: Team-building activities help develop an atmosphere of trust, confidence, energy and creativity. Team-building helps put everyone in a spirit of agreement.

Ideas/Participation: When people come together in team-building activities, it results in more ideas from everyone involved. There is more participation. An organization can improve certain processes and procedureswhen everyone cares about and is a part of the outcome.

Motivation: People have a tendency to help each other more when there are team-building activities. Team-building creates an environment that motivates people to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization while subordinating individual goals.

Rapport: Team-building activities give people a chance to learn personal information about each other. People are then able to establish a certain amount of rapport and are more tolerant of each other. This creates a situation in which people are willing to work through situations in a more amicable way.

Organizational Benefits: In team-building, employees have atendency to be more concerned with the result rather than individual recognition. This makes an organization more likely to experience an increase in sales, lower costs, lower turnover and less absenteeism.

When all the above objectives are transferred to the organization, your guess is as good as ours....…… Our recommendation is: try it, you will never regret this investment.